Privacy-preserving Technologies

Privacy-preserving techniques that mitigate privacy risk and protect personal data

We help your organization with privacy-preserving data processing technologies such as data anonymization, data masking, differential privacy. We offer expertise in advanced cryptographic techniques to protect and preserve the security and privacy of your data privacy such as symmetric/asymmetric encryption, and zero trust computing.

Our consultant services help you identify gaps in your existing security & privacy posture. We further provide you insightful recommendations to securely process (personal) data and preserve its privacy.

We embed technical measures in your data processing system to comply with legal requirements and keep your data safe against unauthorized access and attacks.

Privacy Compliance Virtual Assistant

Our advanced AI-based virtual assistant provided you consultancy with regarding to security and privacy aspects of your organization. It enables your organization to quickly comply with security & privacy standards and regulations.

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Intelligent Data Discovery

Allow your organization to assess and prioritize assets for protection, particularly data such as credit cards, and bank accounts with close to zero false positives

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Data Privacy Management Platform

Assist your organization in all foundational aspects of security and privacy compliance by investigating your security posture and providing in-depth recommendations to improve

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