Data Privacy Management Platform

Proactive data privacy management

Our product suite assists your organization in all foundational aspects of security and privacy compliance. We systematically investigate your security posture and provide in-depth recommendations to improve.

Systematically track, prioritize, and process data subject requests in a timely manner. This enables compliance with different regulations (GDPR, Decree 13).

Track and manage data flow inside and outside your organization. Our system ensures that all data and its requirements (security measures, legal basis, etc.) are systematically identified.

Manage and track user consents and their privacy preferences. This makes sure data processing activities are absolutely assigned with user consent and preferences.

From the identified dataflows inside and outside your organization, our system can holistically identify the security and privacy risks of your organization. We can further provide recommendations to cope with the revealed risks.

Privacy-preserving Technologies

Privacy-preserving techniques that mitigate privacy risk and protect personal data.

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Privacy Compliance Virtual Assistant

Our advanced AI-based virtual assistant provided you consultancy with regarding to security and privacy aspects of your organization. It enables your organization to quickly comply with security & privacy standards and regulations.

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Intelligent Data Discovery

Allow your organization to assess and prioritize assets for protection, particularly data such as credit cards, and bank accounts with close to zero false positives

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