Privacy Review and Assessment

Stay compliant with your data system

Conduct a review basis for the data processing to ensure the compliance of your data system with legal requirements.

We implement a comprehensive review process which involves every business activity relating to data.

We employ a system to analyse and provide you with details of your existing and potential risks.

We build solutions to address and prevent your pinpointed risks without any conflicts with your native operation.

We periodically check and evaluate your compliance level and promptly support if errors occur in practice.

Training and Awareness

Build your privacy-prioritized team with a profound understanding of data protection via courses designed by privacy & data governance experts

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DPO Outsourcing Service

Our outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) helps you with managing personal data flow – a highly specialized task that requires specialist data protection expertise

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Policy Management

Upgrade and complement your privacy document arrangement with our drafting and review of Data Privacy Framework, Privacy Policy, Privacy Notice, Technical and Organizational Measures Application (TOMs) and so on

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