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Welcome to Privacy Chatbot!

The Privacy Chatbot is a non-profit chatbot developed by PrivacyCompliance. It is based on AI technology and trained with professional knowledge about personal data security, particularly the Vietnamese Decree 13.

It can provide you with comprehensive answers, practical examples, and advice on issues related to Decree 13 and other specialized regulations.

Please note that the Privacy Chatbot processes natural language and should not be used for advice in other fields. The Chatbot responses are for reference only, and the developers are not responsible for any problems arising from the use of its results. You are recommended to carefully consider the responses and consult with PrivacyCompliance or other experts for the most accurate information.

Privacy Chatbot shall be released on 15 January 2024. We will inform you when it is available for experience.

You are encouraged to provide feedback via email at to help improve the chatbot in future versions.


Best regards,

Privacy Chatbot Development Team